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摘要:在电影《天堂电影院》中,导师鼓励男主角努力出去寻求梦想时说:If you dont walk out, youll think that this is the whole world. 出国学习的过程中,旅游是通过亲身体验了解一个国家历史和文化的很好的方式。很多留学生在学习之余都会选择去附近的景点参观。雅思听


在电影《天堂电影院》中,导师鼓励男主角努力出去寻求梦想时说:“If you don’t walk out, you’ll think that this is the whole world”. 出国学习的过程中,旅游是通过亲身体验了解一个国家历史和文化的很好的方式。很多留学生在学习之余都会选择去附近的景点参观。雅思听力中对旅游场景的考察体现了英语的内在文化,考察点覆盖了同学们在实际旅游中可能遇见的问题。下面朗阁海外考试研究中心的老师就带大家一起了解旅游场景的相关知识。






旅游公司在介绍自己或景点时,如果历史比较悠久,在Section 2的开篇题目会先讲历史,如果是新开设的项目,一般会先说宗旨,也就是开放目的。



C4T1S2 (The metal industry was established at Riverside Village by craftsmen who lived in the area), C6T3S2 (When the writer Sebastian George first saw Rosewood House, he was unsure whether to buy it), C7T3S2 (The Semira Region has a long tradition for making beautiful carpets), C7T1S2 (PS Camping has been organising holidays for twenty years)C7T4S2 (The original buildings on the site were industrial buildings), C8T2S2 (According to the speaker, the main purpose of the park is research and education), C8T3S2 (1960s-1970s-Centre was planned and built, in 1983-opened to public), C9T3S1 (Simon’s idea for a theme park came from his visit to another park), C10T4S2 (Why did a port originally develop at Manham? It was convenient for river transport).



主要在Section 1考察,Section 2会深入考察票价种类。



C5T1S1 (So is that by coach? Actually it’s by minibus), C7T1S1 (In that case, the quickest and most comfortable is a cab), C7T4S2 (What kind of tour is Sally leading? I hope that you’re all wearing your most comfortable shoes and that you can keep up the pace), C8T2S2 (How can you move around the park? cars are banned in the park. We have bicycles which you can hire behind the Reception block...here...the healthy ones of you can go on food and finally there’s our electric tram, powered from solar cells).




Type of ticket


Standard open

no restrictions


travel after 8.45


travel after 10.15 and at weekends


buy at least six days ahead

limited numbers

seat reservations essential


Open ticket是不限定时间票;顾名思义,Supersaver这种票肯定要避过peak times高峰时段;Advance强调提前预定reserve a seat, reserve a ticket都是必须的。预定时需要交定金以避免cancellations同时可以选择不同的套餐(package)票价日期和付款方式(check, cash, credit card)14题提到(The price of a first class ticket includes refreshments)


英国有很多主题公园和博物馆,最近的机经transport museum讲述交通工具的历史变迁。一般参观煤矿都是乘坐火车(there’s the Merthyr Mining Museum, you can ride in the original miners’ lifts and on the coal trains), C10T4S2 (special adapted miners’ trains take visitors into the mountain (travel on converted mining trains).







C7T1S2 (we require that you arrange this when you make your holiday reservation), 保险项目C9T3S1 (a couple of points about insurance…the benefits and the maximum amounts you can claim…cancellation, hospital, missed departure, personal belongings), 提前付定金C5T1S1 (and you also need to pay a 20% deposit).








适合所有客户,尤其单身客户不需要额外加钱,几乎每晚都有娱乐项目C4T4S2 (catering for all skills and fitness levels, no single client will pay more, entertainment is laid on nearly every night)旅游团小型个性化C5T1S1 (we like to keep those tours small and personal, in fact, we only take up to 15 people)所有公交路线全程英文解说C7T2S2 (The Top Bus Company runs all its tours with a live commentary in English)露营地点可选范围大,有最好的设施和针对儿童的特色活动C7T1S2 (have a choice of over 300 sites, superb facilities, drama, art activities, poster competition, model making)推荐活动给朋友,自己和朋友可以获得一定优惠或者礼物C7T1S2 (recommend it to others, special offers, discount, luxury tent, thank-you gift)






记得在公告板签名以统计参团人数C4T1S1 (sign your name on the notice board), 注意坐船的起始时间C7T2S2 (The first boat leaves at 8 a.m. and the last one at 6.30 p.m.), 需要非常健康,并携带自己的随身物品C7T3S2 (you will need to be extremely fit, you only walk with a small rucksack with needs for the day), 套餐包含项目C10T1S1 (price includes accommodation, car, flight, dinner), 注意保持安全距离,不要带狗C11T1S2 (and do stay a safe distance from the tools, I’m glad to see you’re all wearing shoes-we always advise people to do that, I don’t think any of you have brought dogs with you)煤矿非常黑和封闭,不建议5岁以下小朋友和狗狗进入C10T4S2 (like all mines, ours is very dark and closed in and we do say that children under five and also dogs should NOT be taken into the mine)








常规短途旅行C4T1S1 (historical interest, a variety of shopping, guided tours, Tower of London, American Museum), C4T2S1 (Cathedral, Botanical Garden, climb the tower), 当地特色活动C4T4S2 (book of local history, local walking club), 套餐包含项目C5T1S1 (bushwalk, fishing trip, tennis courts, table tennis), 附近景点介绍C6T2S2 (Mining Museum, theme park, excursion, docks, zoo, castle, climbing wall, aquarium, science museum), 名人故居C6T3S2 (orchard, souvenirs, refreshments, garage, footbridge, water mill, viewpoint), 露营活动C7T1S2 (tent, oven, barbecue, picnic blanket, cool box, washing machines, clothes lines, restaurant), 坐船游览C7T2S2 (formal gardens, Tower Restaurant, refreshments, views, commercial centre, soldiers crossed the river, interactive Museum, local history books, seven-screen cinema), 山区远足C7T3S2 (make carpets, weaving blankets, wood carving, forest, villages, waterfall), 公园介绍C7T4S2 (gymnastics, stadium, track and field, swimming pool, diving, car park, rose garden, café, natural wetland, boardwalk, cycling, Frog Pond, biology lessons, viewing shelter, black swans), 农业科技园C8T2S2 (Canada geese, fruit trees blossom, books on wildlife, organic farming), 国家艺术中心C8T3S2 (City Council, National Symphony Orchestra, classical music, flute, opera, sculpture), 野生动物公园C9T2S2 (trees, basket-making, modern replica of farm, bread-making, face-painting, dye for cloth, painting hedges, picking up litter), 希腊海岛C9T3S1 (entertainment, Greek dancing, water-skiing, forests), 城市新项目C10T2S2 (statue, mountains, jewels, International Space Station, castles, fortifications, rivers), 主题活动C11T3S2 (gallery, ceramics, race, spotting unusual birds, mushrooms, fence)









C4T1S2 (Riverside Industrial Village), C6T3S2 (Rosewood House and Gardens), C7T4S2 (Bicentennial Park), C8T2S2 (Agricultural Park), C9T2S2 (Hinchingbrooke Park), C11T1S2 (Fiddy Working Heritage Farm).