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2016年6月18 日托福口语独立题预测

摘要:【 Task 1 】 1.Your friend has been offered a job that's far away from his hometown. Do you think he should take it or not? Give specific reasons and details to support your response. 解析: Takeit 1) meet new groups of people who will provide new p


Task 1

1.Your friend has been offered a job that's far away from his hometown. Do you think he should take it or not? Give specific reasons and details to support your response.    

解析:Takeit 1) meet new groups of people who will provide new perspectives in solving problems. (absorb advantages ) If we stay in one place for long, the views might be limited 2) enrich life experience (food, scenery, custom)

2.What are the benefits of talking to older family members?

解析:1)life experience guide me & encourage me (keep learning, never give up, hold fast to dream; be sincere to friends; the importance of integrity and sense of responsibility) 2)know more about the past life (no big shopping malls, no carsfor normal families) – cherish what we’ve owned today (high quality life in the modern city)

3.Which of the following jobs do you think makes the greatest contribution to our society?

1) Primary school teacher

2) Nurse

3) Artist

解析:老师的作用1)知识的传递 2)塑造学生性格,此题为小学教师的作用,参考思路为1The most important responsibility a primary school teacher should take is to convey knowledge to students. No matter what kind of talent a student will be in the future, basic knowledge is always the foundation that can help them to develop. What primary school teachers can teach includes like maths which is the base for all the science subjects or language which helps students to express and communicate. 2Another role for a teacher in elementary school is a guide who can shape students’ personality. The kids are more likely to obey teachers’ instructions. So for example, if the students have argument or evenfight with others, they can be taught how to be have when they tend to deal with the problems they meet and how to get along with people around them in a goodway.

4.Do you think it’s a good idea for students to work for a year before entering university?

解析:Not agood idea. 1The work that students attend before university can not provide any valuable experience for them because they can only deal with the basic tasks with the knowledge theyve obtained in high school. They cant figure out the practical problems during work. If they really want to take some work, they can easily find some part-time jobs when they study in university. 2Its not good for study because they might forget the knowledge they learntin high school, but the specialized courses in university should be based on these basic knowledge.

5.Talk about some benefits of writing paper for students.

解析:1)Students will come up with their new ideas (modeling). Help students to become more creative 细节展开可对比objective question (recite without understanding) 2)Cultivate their ability of doing research (常用场景为library, internet)

6.Your friend is considering getting a new pet,. What kind of animal would you like to suggest?

解析:Toraise a dog. 1) like to stay with people (a good companion after study) 2)cultivate sense of responsibility (walk the dog, take shower for it, feed it)3)loyal (develop deep emotional connection with people and guard them)

7.What are the benefits of learning painting and drawing forstudents?

解析:学习画画的好处:1express our ideas in an artistic way without saying any words (对比学习压力) 2edify sentiment (列举masterpiece譬如VincentsStarry Night, Monets Water Lily- create another common topic in social life

8.Describe the most important decision you have made in yourlife and why it is important.

解析:此类经历描述话题建议同学选择熟悉的素材,例如:选择进入国际高中是最重要的决定,1)课程设计帮助我更好申请美国学校 2)志同道合的朋友让我校园生活很愉快

9.Talk about some benefits of doing sports for high schoolstudents.

解析:这是独立口语中必备话题之一,常见思路为1keep healthy 2benefit students social life 细节扩展希望同学可以比对学习压力,缺乏运动,缺乏社交的现状。这种思路同样可以运用到所有课外活动例如painting, music, travel,阅读小说等话题中,常见角度为1relax 2socialize

10.Which volunteer work would you like to choose?

1) talk to patients

2) read to patients

3) take care of patients’ family members

解析:志愿者服务类话题两个宏观的方向为1)客观意义 2)主观选择的原因。这题以take care of patients family members为例,1The family members of the patients really need more care because the peoplewho are the closet to them are suffering from painful diseases. They must feelanxious and helpless. All the doctors pay most attention to patients but thefamily members feelings are often neglected. 2Itsnot safe to get close to patients because we are not sure whether the diseasesare infectious. And Im a person whos talkative and extroverted. I think Iwill be a good companion.

11.Describe the place where you like to go for outdoor exercise in a niceday.

12.What are some important effects of the worldwide availability of internet on modern people’s lives?

13.When you and your friend have disagreement, what would you do to solvethe disagreement?

14.Police officers, transportation workers, building designers, which doyou think is the most important to a city?

15.What advices would you like to give to your friend who will have a job interview

Task 2

1. Do you agree that we learn more from failure than success?

解析:agree1) accumulate experience face our weakness, promote self-cognition, avoidsimilar mistakes improve our skills and abilities 2) make us stronger.Failure makes us depressed. As long as we hold fast on what we want to achieve,we will become perseverant. If we always get success by luck, we might be defeatedonce we meet obstacles.

2.Do you prefer to collect old things or throw them awayafter you use them?

解析:Throwaway 1Old stuff will take up too much space where I can store more things that Iactually use (shoes, clothes) , otherwise messy; 2) Old things will remind meof something that I dont want to remember. We should always move on to nextstep instead of looking back cuz it’s really unnecessary to commemorate everymoment in our life. (eg: the letters, gift from ex) – just cherish what we havenow.

3.Do you agree that university education is more important than it was in the past?

解析:To my way of thinking, the university education is obviously becoming more and more important in contemporary society, because university is the place where students can have plenty of academic opportunities. With the highly developed spiritual civilization and technology, the society now raises higher requirement to people’s education degree. Also, studying in a certain department in university allows students to meet those who are like-minded with them. During the processof accomplishing group projects, they might make some friends whom they can have more academic exchange, which is a great benefit since they will work inthe same field after graduating.

4.Do you agree that students should study in a quiet place?

解析:Agree1) Finish quickly. Our mind will be sharper and work efficiency will be improved. If we are distracted, we should spend more time doing the same amountof work. It can be a waste of time. 2) The work quality will be higher. The concentrated attention will bring more thinking to students. If the studentsstay in a noisy environment when they are working, they might make so many mistakes. And then the homework just loses it’s meaning.

5.Do you prefer to live in an old building or a modern building?

解析:1)better facility (good living environment, fancy decoration)对比old容易brokenmight need fixing 2) security (Guards are always going on patrol)对比old会有burglary

6.Do you agree that the assignments handed in after the deadline should receive a lower grade?

解析:Agree:1 unfair to other students (列举paper场景) 2 beneficial to their future personal development make plan for everything, punctuality

7.Some people prefer to take a vacation in cities, others prefer to spend their vacation in countryside. Which do you prefer? Explainwhy.

解析:旅游类话题常用角度 1for fun 2better cognition of the world,这边以countryside为例可选用,1natural environment relax  2stay with local people to know their life style custom & culture

8.Do you think the teachers should make the class fun?

解析:学习有效性话题可从2方面展开1)学生的兴趣和专注 2)有效的知识及学习材料。此题选择agree可从两方面展开1)能够唤起学生的兴趣,认真听讲 2)帮助老师更好传递新知识,给学生留下深刻印象

9.Do you prefer to study alone or with others?

解析:单独学习的好处1concentrate better 2more freedom 一起学习的好处1solve problems more efficiently 2spendtime with friends

10.Do you agree that protecting the environment is just asimportant as the economy?

解析:保护环境的重要性1)创造良好的生活环境,否则生活质量下降The purpose of any kinds of development is for creating a better life, but harming the environment will ruin what weve owned, which will lower peopleslife quality. Suppose we have no clean water for drinking and bathing, ortheres no pure air for people to breathe. It is obviously against our initial will of development. 2)可持续发展Another thing we need to take care is sustainable development. If we continuously speed up at the cost of sacrificing the environment, we will use up all the resources one day. Now we cut down the trees to produce disposable chopsticks. And we have over exploited the ground waterand petroleum. Once all these things are exhausted, we will stop development.

11. Do you think that wealthy people should be required to help poor people?

12. Do you agree that happiness comes when we help others rather than ourselves?

13.Do you think it’s better to grow in a large family or a small gamily?

14.When things at home such as furniture are broken, do you prefer to have them repaired or fix them by yourself?

15.Which one do you prefer to live? A big and new place but far from your work place or a small and old place but near your work place?